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Uranus: The secrets of the planet | space and astronomy

Uranus is the third largest planet in the solar system and a huge ball of gas. 64 terrestrial spheres would fit inside it. It is very far away from us, twice as far as Saturn! Uranus moves around the sun at a distance of about 2.8 billion kilometres! Therefore, it takes 84 years until it completes one complete orbit, thus completing one Uranus year. Uranus consists mainly of the gases hydrogen, helium and methane. The methane gives it its bluish colour. There is probably a solid iron core in its interior. The Earth is not a perfect sphere either, but the difference between the equatorial and polar diameters is minimal compared to that of gaseous planets.
Uranus moves far away from the earth around the sun. It is not a conspicuous object in the sky. Basically, you can only find it if you know exactly where to look. It looks like a pale and inconspicuous star.

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