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The Singularity, Global System of Microchips, Virtually Everything Monitored 24/7

What if the entire world was already microchipped and could be monitored? Have you heard of the Central Nervous System of the Earth by Hewlett Packard? A monitoring system designed with over a trillion nodes and microchips able to track everything on the planet, strong enough to listen heart beats per minute and soon it will even be able to smell. Also Jet streams have decreased by almost 20% recently and our Planet is suffering the consequences. New Supercomputer from China calculates over 93 petaflops per second = over 93 quadrillion floating points per second. If you were to combine that with cutting edge A.I. Software and specific algorithms, each human on the planet could be linked to over 13 million possible scenarios per second, talk about Minority Report at its finest. A specific Rothschilds holding company has a 70% stake in the Weather Channel. The Satellite Program called “Skynet” is presented, Patents for Artificial Suns, Nanotechnology and More are discussed in this podcast.

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Rothschilds, And The Geoengineering Empire

Rothschildsare weather obsessed WSJ


Weather Central


Adjustable spectrum LED solar Simulator system and method


Large Area pulsed solar simulator


Central Nervous System of the Earth over 1 trillion sensors to track the world


Dyson Sphere


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