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The Origin Of Life: Studying Meteorites | space and astronomy

What are the origins of life? Earth’s latest visitor could provide answers about the origin of life and the beginning of our solar system. 25th of September 2009: In Ontario, Canada, scientists aim cameras, radars and special microphones at the starry night sky. Their goal: to follow the fall of a meteorite from its entry into the atmosphere to its impact for the first time and then to recover the extraterrestrial material. The researchers hope to use the samples thus obtained to learn more about the early history of the solar system. But will the elaborate search for the meteorite succeed as planned?

Ontario, Canada. On a clear Friday night, a flaming fireball lights up the sky as it streaks to Earth. It could carry with it secrets about the origin of life and our Solar System or evidence of life on other planets. But in order to study it, scientists first need to find it. At the University of Western Ontario, planetary scientists capture the entire event using special video cameras, radar and sound measuring technologies. Now, the race is on, but will they be able to find Earth’s latest visitor?


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