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Series 12, Part 2, Why did the Piso’s Change the Science

This is the second most important video series I have done. The most import is video series 4 on the causes of the ice ages and polar reversals. This video will tell you why he Piso’s wrote most of Aristotle. We are most likely within 26 years of the next polar reversal and resulting ice age. If society does nothing to save people then most likely most of us will not survive this event and certainly not the ice age. The question we must all ask is: Why didn’t our accepted science discover this disaster long before? The answer is the foundation science philosophy was changed by the Piso family so they could take over Rome. Their 2000-year old lie has put us in the position we are currently in. This video explains Why the science was changed to a matter-oriented theory of existence. Why was the Philosophy of Aristotle adopted by the Church? Why did the Piso’s Change the Science Philosophy? What was the other Literary Project the Piso’s were Working On? What was the Calpurnius Piso’s Ultimate Goal? How Does what the Piso’s Did Effect Islam? The True Authorship of the New Testament.
The video will explain who wrote which books in the New Testament and the years written. You will see the statues of the principals involved with the writing of the New Testament.
This series of videos contains new information not covered before. The book that helps decode what the Romans did is in “Moses and the 10 Code Systems. Another book is “The True Authorship of the New Testament” The books can be purchased through www.Amazon.com or the publisher at www.vectorpub.com. The foundations web site www.dieholdfoundation.com has information on this information theory of existence as well as three expeditions it funded to the Sinai Egypt.
If you have any questions on any of the videos, just send your questions to info@dieholdfoundation.com and they will be answered directly or in a Q&A video in that series.

List of the other video series:
Video Series 1 on the Theory of Multidimensional Reality.
Part 1: The two different ways to describe the Universe: https://youtu.be/FYnb2GvCEWw.
Part 2: Defining the Problem. The Basic Theory. How I found the Clock Cycle in the Universe; https://youtu.be/NCrczGaUv0Y .
Part 2B: This Video is intended for professors, teachers, religious and government leadership; https://youtu.be/jHfs36zDd4U .
Part 3: Creation of the Atom and Defining Dimensions: How an atom comes into his dimension.; https://youtu.be/hA14BIEWsOY .
Part 4: Dimensions Five through Eight. What is Gravity.; https://youtu.be/uxIBL0fyVZE .
Part 5: What is Light. What is the True Speed of Light.; https://youtu.be/ykeLiKP9RW4 .
Part 6: The Subatomic “Particles” and what are they Really.; https://youtu.be/Y-HvHvF3LMU .
Part 7: Where Quasars Get their Energy. What is in the Center of a Galaxy.; https://youtu.be/b8OsDwPaBzM .
Part 8: The Crisis in Physics and black holes.; https://youtu.be/LmIUoDpFrnk .

The Diehold Foundation is a 501(C)3 Public Science Foundation dedicated to developing an information theory of existence and the causes of the ice ages and geomagnetic reversals. Tax deductible contributions are welcomed and can be given at the foundation’s website.

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