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Our Ice Age Soft-Landing: the #1 Election Issue

The issue is critical. Time is running out. The need for building a soft-landing infrastructure for getting into the next Ice Age that is fast approaching, has been explored in the previous exploration video “The Sun ‘speaking’ of Ice Ages”. This video is focused on getting the infrastructure built while facing immense opposition against it. Empire won’t allow the building to happen that protects the future of humanity. The masters of empire cry for depopulation (from 7 billion to 1 billion) and cry for evermore wars to get it, with nuclear war hanging in the wings, which is already being promoted again. But empire, symbolized by the lion that is feeding on the weak, its loosing its game. There is a spirit in man that is evermore expressed in creativity, productivity, and challenging the limits. The building of grand infrastructures for living is gaining ground in society. Society likes its families to live securely, and develop themselves, rather than starve to death or die in war. The empire axioms don’t ring well anymore. Thus, soon, the building of the soft-landing infrastructures for getting into the next Ice Age, to secure the future existence of humanity, will likely become the #1 issue in all election campaigns up to the presidential level, and also become the #1 issue for the United Nations Security Council, to deal with.

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