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Interview with Simon Parkes

A month ago in a November 24, 2016, Earthfiles and COAST radio broadcast, I interviewed a 50-year-old Staten Island, New York, resident, who asked me to call him “Steve Bishop.” He told me about his father’s U. S. Air Force job from World War II on through the 1970s to retrieve dead non-humans at crash sites from Roswell and beyond. Paralleling his father’s work were Steve’s childhood abductions by a cream-colored, tall insectoid being that looked like a praying mantis with huge dark eyes. Steve tried to tell his mom and dad about the large praying mantis coming into his bedroom with small Grey beings, but his father didn’t want to talk about any of it and would get angry at his young son, Steve, for any mention of the strange beings. Steve and I talked about whether his father knew there was a link between the praying mantis interactions and abductions of Steve and the father’s job of retrieving dead E. T. bodies from crashes.

At the end of my Earthfiles and COAST radio reports, I asked if viewers and listeners had any further information about tall praying mantis insectoid beings that work with small Greys to please email me at: earthfiles@earthfiles.com, confidentially or on the record. I received many descriptions about interactions with praying mantis beings — some positive and some negative. Who are the praying mantis entities and what do they want? One of the most intriguing insights about the enigmatic mantis beings came from Simon Parkes, 57, former Councillor for London Borough of Hackney from 1994-1999; then he was Councillor of Whitby Town Council 2011-2015 in North Yorkshire, England.

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