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Gerald Clark Geneaology of the Gods – Return of Nibiru & The Anunnaki

Stellar Interview with Mr Clark. He brings a gourmet buffet of knowledge in reference to the ancient Summerian Tablets and other Ancient Texts written throughout history across the globe. Going back over 400,000 years Mr Clark has been able to pinpoint nearly every God and their name back to the Anunnaki. Not just Zecharia Sitchin translates the Summerian Tablets and Texts, get even more detailed accounts going back to who is referred to as the Creator of All. Also in the book of Genesis when it says “We created Man in our Image” Gerald is able to name the 6 Anunnaki members that were apart of the Galactic Council that Genetically Modified the Earthlings at that time, to be slaves to harness gold for their Planet Nibiru’s atmosphere. They needed the Gold to protect the planet from the Sun during its 3600 year cycle, which goes around the Earth. Enki and Enlil are brothers that both had a hand in creating modern man according to the translations Mr Clark has put together from numerous sources, including the Summerian Tablets that predate the Holy Bible by thousands of years. Gerald also says we are still involved in a Galactic War between Enki & Enlil. So much information you might listen to this podcast more than once. If you would like to know more, check out Gerald and his website @ https://www.geraldclark77.com

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