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Disclosure, Evidence a Type II Civilization in Our Solar System is Harnessing Massive Energy

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Major Evidence a Type II Civilization in Our Solar System is Harnessing Massive Energy with Rings of Saturn & Uranus, Hidden Dyson Spheres?People say there is no proof of Aliens, “Where’s the Proof” That is subjective to the individual first then the group.If we aren’t alone in the Universe, wouldn’t we see Dyson Spheres Abundantly through the Cosmos, wouldn’t they be almost as common as Stars? That is such a egotistical mindset in my opinion , because you are basing assumptions off one mans theory of a Technology that will literally harness the stars energy and it would be visible to the trained observer or someone with the right equipment like a good telescope. The Debate of how old our Universe is, when the Big Bang Occurred, is there life out in the Universe, like us or even smarter than us?Then the debate of what type of Civilization, Type 1 Type 2, Type 3, i’ve even heard a Type 4 Society might exist.Once again, all this is based on ego, known science, unknown science, hypothesis and theory, so more opinions.Some say the Universe is Infinite. If the Universe is Infinite, how can you put anything finite on the absolute?For example, people that argue civilizations that have evolved for billions of years longer than us, therefore they would have superior technologies, biological makeups and be completely elevated above our silly, meager, minuscule mindsets right?Once again, pure speculation. If we have the Divine spark inside us, whether our Mind, not matter, matter not Mind or both.We already have the Infinite Abundance of Source and All the Building blocks therein. So maybe civilizations that are in theory older than ours, have devolved even more, not evolved. Until we “Know” without doubt the building blocks of the Universe and allow ourselves to understand the “Truth” whatever that or the “Truth” may be, we will continue to swim in the everlasting abyss of confusion and corruption, with sparks of light and opportunities abound! Ultimate EMF Radiation Protection, Blocks potentially harmful EMF Radiation Hand made, special electromagnetic radiation blocking fabrics, limited, functional and they look Awesome. Click Here Now, http://www.tinfoilcap.co

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