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DAVIS-WILSON ANALYSIS | Richard Dolan Show with Joe Murgia

In June 2019, a 15-page document was leaked, purporting to be a detailed note of a conversation that took place in 2002 between former Admiral Thomas Wilson and Dr. Eric Davis. They cover Wilson’s failed attempt in 1997 to gain access to a deeply classified program to study and reverse-engineer an alien craft/UFO. Wilson at the time was Deputy Head of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) and as such was surprised when he was informed that he didn’t have a “need to know.”

Joe Murgia (“UFOJoe”) has written a 24K word, four-part analysis of the Davis-Wilson notes. He is also friends with Dr. Davis as well as another key player in this drama, Navy Commander Will Miller. Murgia concludes that the document is indeed authentic and that the key individuals involved in all this feel that they are under either a legal or ethical obligation to remain silent.

Read Joe Murgia’s four-part analysis here: http://www.ufojoe.net/wilsondavis1

Also see researcher Danny Silva’s site, with more info on this:

Listen to a three-hour analysis of the Davis-Wilson document by an anonymous researcher:

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