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Conspiracy Theorists Have Fundamental Problems, Lower IQ’s & Less Education, Say Scientists

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Conspiracy Theorists Have Fundamental Problems, Lower IQ’s & Less Education, Say Scientists. It appears Scientists have no clue what a conspiracy or theorist even is. Silly Scientists.

Definition of Conspiracy via Oxford Languages (Noun) a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.

Definition of Theorist via Oxford Languages (Noun) a person concerned with the theoretical aspects of a subject; a theoretician.

So it appears if you question the any main stream narrative, be it science, news, astronomy, biology, pharmacop etc… If you read alternative news or question anything you are told via the club, you are a conspiracy theorist, with a lower IQ and you have less education. They love you so much!

Conspiracy Theorists Have a Fundamental Cognitive Problem, Say Scientists

Why Education Predicts Decreased Belief in Conspiracy Theories

Study shows nothing wacky about conspiracy theorists

Scientists find a link between low intelligence and acceptance of ‘pseudo-profound bulls

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