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Battles of the Gods, Kronos, Zeus, Jesus, Tartarus, Mythology Explains Ancient Astronomy Brilliantly

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Battles of the Gods, Kronos, Zeus, Jesus, Tartarus, Mythology Explains Ancient Astronomy Brilliantly

Uranus = Anu = Father of the Anunnaki = First Star
Saturn = Kronos Son of Uranus and Gaia, Battles Father Takes The Crown
Second Star in the Pantheon

Jupiter = Zues = King of the Gods, Battles Kronos, Wins Becomes 3rd Star or King in Pantheon

Sol = Apollo = Sun = Jesus = New Zues, New King of the Gods, 3rd Crowned Star, The Sol of Our Solar or Soul Our System

Ancient Mythology is fascinating, and adds to “Science”

Kronos, Cronus



Peter 2:4 Tartarus


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